Products & services

Our Company activities cover the technological requirements of the organizations through different lines of services.
The major goods / equipment we deal with the following

a. Control valves, Choke valves, conventional & severe services control valves, Anti surge valves,steam turbine Bypass, Desuperheater & steam conditioning station, Actuators, positioner, pumps, sensors.

b. Communication and security equipment systems like public address/general alarm systems, industrial intercoms and paging systems, audible signals, visual signals, telephony.

c. laser-based gas detection hazardous gas or toxic gas detection applications.

d. Measurement devices for the natural gas processing industry. H2S / Total Sulfur analyzers, Moisture monitors, O2 analyzers, CO2 analyzers and Gas Chromatographs

e. Sensors and switches (pressure, temperature, level, flow , switches and transmitters).

f. Fire alarm system, gas detections & Foam.

g. Spare parts for gas power stations.

h. Process instrumentations ,Control systems and monitoring .

i. CCTV ,and security systems.

J. BMS and Home automation .